Kreher Guitars

I build highend Acoustic guitars from the finest raw materials using fine woodworking techniques paired with acoustic physics to create a sonically superb instrument. Each instument is tailored to the musicians playing style and technique. I carefully manipulate the individual materials i use to achive a desired tone that the customer and myself are happy with. I also offer repair work to existing instruments.

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SECA in EXILE is a cultural and social association. We are 55 teams. Our main goals: culture, arts, literature, education, integration, creating job opportunities for professional artists, supporting talented people, creating cultural and artistic projects, courses and workshops open to all.
Ich bin Trainerin & Coach und habe eine Praxis für Generalisten & AufstellungsarbeitPsychotherapeutische Heilpraktikerin
Our mission goes beyond making speakers. We dream of a crafts re-evolution to give back protagonism to traditional handcrafts in our industrialized world, building a bridge between ancestral knowledge and technology.
In music theory, a comma is a very small interval between notes, which makes a big difference in scale setting. COMMAS-STUDIO is aiming to be a comma in our community by create very small integrations between our cultures, conceptions, traditions and arts.
Vier Web-Entwickler*innen möchten dem in Bremenansässigen Gewerbe bei der Erschliessung des Internetshelfen und streben dabei ein partnerschaftliches Miteinandermit dem Kunden an


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